Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Trip to Sajnekhali Watch Tower at Sunderbans

Sajnekhali Watch Tower is one of the most popular watchtowers in Sunderbans. It is situated at a close proximity of most resorts in Sunderbans. It is also used as the head office of the Forest Department. You would have to take prior permission from the forest department in order to enter the premises of Sunderbans National Park. This watch town can bear approximately 20 individuals at a time. There is also a Mangrove Interpretation Centre, a Bono Bibi Temple as well as a Crocodile Park in the Sajnekhali watchtower complex.

The best aspect of this watch tower is that it offers you with an opportunity to view wildlife from close quarters. In fact, this Tiger reserve is a heaven for bird lovers because different types of bird species can be found here. Kingfisher is one of the most popular bird species in Sunderbans.

There are many more attractions in & around Sunderbans worth visiting. But, on your visit to this place, you should also research about your stay in Sunderbans. There are many hotels & resorts in this region, so choosing the best in the lot might be difficult. But, if you are clear about your requirements beforehand, then the search can get easier and you can have a comfortable stay in Sunderbans.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have a Joyous Christmas at United-21 Resort, Sunderbans

Sunderbans is a unique wildlife area, which is spread over a vast region and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a dense cover of mangrove forests and has a sizeable population of Bengal tigers. Many tourists visit this place to explore its unique flora and fauna. People, who are planning a trip to Sunderbans with their entire family, usually prefer to tour this region when their children are having a long vacation.
Wish you Merry Christmas
Christmas is one of those times of the year when most of the schools and colleges are closed for a week. This gives students the opportunity to have a great time with their friends and relatives. As Christmas is one of the major festivals in India, grand celebrations can be witnessed in many parts of the country. People belonging to other communities also join the Christians in celebrating this festive occasion with great fervour.

If you are looking out for some of the most unusual locations to spend your Christmas vacation, Sunderbans would be among the best ones. Booking an accommodation in United-21 Resort, Sunderbans would not only provide you with a comfortable stay, but also give you the chance to visit the extraordinary wildlife reserve with your family. We invite you to have a joyous Christmas vacation with us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunderbans: Enticing Part of West Bengal Tourism

Sunderbans, around 115 km from Kolkata, is a unique destination stuffed with beautiful landscapes, islands and an area covered with thick mangrove forest. It takes not more than three hours to reach here.  You have to ferry your way to your respective hotel or resort. This will be the most enchanting part of your tour when you are passing by the rivers Gomar, Hogil and Durgaduni. Its an unique experience to travel along the rivers at the backdrop of beautiful scenery.

Bird at Sunderbans National Park
You can even visit nearby places like Museum, watchtower as well as the Mangrove interpretation centre in Sajnekhali, which is the gateway of the Sunderbans reserve. Mangrove interpretation centre has a turtle and crocodile hatchery which is the major attraction for the tourists. Watchtower meant for viewing the wildlife in the surrounding region is also one of the favourites among the visitors. There are many other watchtowers you can visit, which offer incredible views of the Tigers and other wild animals. One complete day is devoted for river cruise as well as birding in the nearby marshes. Tour of Sunderbans is the most enticing part of West Bengal tourism.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Enjoy a Day at Mudflats of Sunderbans

Sundarbans is a land of beautiful landscapes, romantic beaches, secluded islands and above all wide spread mangrove forests which conceal the precious wild life of the region. There is no other place in India where you can hear roaring Royal Bengal Tiger in his original semblance. There are many activities to be enjoyed here but forest safaris are the unique way of spotting animals as well as birds while cruising through the narrow creeks penetrating well in the mangrove forests.

Sunderbans Mudflats

Apart from the many means of entertainment and fun available at this beautiful tourist destination, mudflats are supposed to be the one of its kind places where one can enjoy a mud bath, walking and playing in the mud. Don’t forget to take a few snaps after getting coated with mud so that you can keep them as a memerior. Visit one of the popular mudflats at Chargheri Char where additionally you can find Sea anemone, Octopus and jelly fish. Above all you can even spot a few Horse shoe crabs in the winter, which are speciality of Chargheri. Overall you can say that mudflats are one of the excting attractions in Sunderban.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WildLife Safari at Sunderbans – A Perfect Gift for your Partner

You will feel disappointed that certain things are not phasing out as you had planned. It is apparent that your loved ones would not behave the way you expect them to. You may feel you are overlooked in certain things, which your partner never did before. It is time to accept the fact that individuals have great deal of expectations specially from loved ones, but are not fulfilled everytime.

Despite the fact that every relationship is different in a way or another, when matters go awkward it is necessary to restore the spirit of unity within themselves. It is often essential to give each other some breathing space if you wish to do so. Particularly regarding married couples the problems predominately centre on not having the capability to give enough time to your partner in today’s hectic times.

You can still find numerous things in the world which simply cannot be purchased by money exclusively. However here are a few cool tips which might work like a miracle. Allocate a day or two completely for them, take them to their favourite place. Make them realize that they still means a lot to you and you do really care for them. A long vacation might be an ideal option to show your love for them. Well surprise them with a wildlife safari in Sunderbans, you will love to be at United-21 Resort, Sunderbans to find your love back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pamper your Soul in United-21 Resort Sunderbans this Vacation Season

Have you contemplated living the wildlife you watch on the TV channels in actuality? If it is a no, something is wrong with you.
United-21 Resort Sunderbans
Wild denotes pure, the most primitive yet somehow healthier frame of mind. Urban crowds miss out this luxury generally. In the run of staying ahead of the world and earning profits we often disregard the entire objective behind this. Nearly everybody hopes to work tirelessly and gain enough to ensure he or she would not have to work so hard and make so much ever. We do not take into account the point that our true aspiration is to live an unstrained lifestyle because of which we amass a lot of anxiety with the riches.

A vacation in a wild life resort is truly one of the great ways to go back to the nature and ease off your stresses. It assists you flow with your instincts to a greater degree. It helps your thoughts slow down and stays without having to plan or execute anything for a while.

Keep reminding your own final destination to yourself. Find time each and every year to pay a visit to delightful locations like United-21 Resort, Sunderbans to freshen up your minds. Activate your batteries to fulfill your targets whenever you are back to your bustling lives.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Activities that Interest Tourists of Sunderbans

There are some who describe Sunderbans as a beautiful mangrove forest, while a few others hail it as world's largest estuarine delta. Whatever one chooses to describe it as, Sunderbans is truly a unique place for travellers to explore. It offers vast expanses of untouched natural beauty and some really interesting activities to enjoy.
Sunderbans National Park
Most exciting of all activities is wildlife viewing, which gives visitors of Sunderbans the opportunity to watch a wide range of animal and bird species in action. Besides the Bengal tigers, they can catch a glimpse of many other animals while touring this region, such as, marine turtles, monkeys, dolphins and crocodiles. A cruise through the sparkling waters of Sunderbans is another great activity that tourists long to experience during their holiday in this part of India. Bird-watching can also be enjoyed in this region and avid bird-watchers would be delighted to find diverse species of birds during their trip to Sunderbans.

Indulging in these activities would offer loads of fun for tourists. What really adds magic to their tour of Sunderbans is a comfortable accommodation in the midst of natural surroundings. To make this possible, the Sunderbans Resorts provide stays in rooms or tents that have all the latest facilities in them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Heaven on Earth for Animal and Bird Lovers

A UNESCO World Heritage Side, the Sunderbans covers over 4264 square Km area. It is the largest National Park and Tiger reserve in India. A paradise for birdwatchers, it houses a plethora of rare specifies.

Following are the best season and time to visit this beautiful destination Best Season/Best Time to Visit:

Generally, the climatic conditions in Sunderbans are hot and pleasant during summers and winters respectively.  The best time to visit this national park is during September-March.

Winters: During November-February, one can experience chilly winds after sunset, but the atmosphere is mostly enjoyable and pleasant. The temperature dips down to 10°C and increases maximum up to 34°C. If you’re an animal lover and enjoy pleasant atmosphere, then you should not miss visiting Sunderbans during these months.

Summers: During March to May, you can experience some really hot and humid days. In rare cases, the temperature can soar up to 42°C. The March month is ideally suited for jungle activities as well as wildlife visits, but the April and May month have hot weather, so sightseeing and travelling becomes really difficult.

Monsoons: The month from June to September experience heavy rains. These months are not good for visiting the national park and sightseeing.  But, if you love flora, then you should definitely pay a visit to this beautiful location.
Book a room in one of the Sunderbans resort beforehand to make the trip an enjoyable experience. There are many luxury hotels in Sunderbans that offer rooms at reasonable rates, so lodging would never be an issue.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tour Sunderbans with the Elegant Cruiser Vessels

Many leisure tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers long to explore the rich biodiversity of Sunderbans. It is the world's largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest, and home to some of the most unique species of flora and fauna. Of the 102 islands found in the region, about 54 are inhabited by humans. Owing to its abundance of natural wealth, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1985. Cruiser vessels are one of the best mediums to explore the diverse offerings of this mangrove forest.
Sunderbans national Park

A typical four-decked vessel comprises of the under deck, main deck, first deck, and sun deck. Crew accommodation, kitchen, laundry room, cold storage and other sections are housed in the under deck. The main deck and first deck comprised of tastefully designed luxury and deluxe cabins, bar, restaurant, massage parlour and gymnasium. Sun deck is the top portion of the cruiser vessel, used for various activities like nature viewing, star-gazing, and open-air conferences. Weekly sailings are conducted on such vessels for tourists, giving them an opportunity to explore the wildlife, villages, forests and other aspects of Sunderbans. A stay in one of the best hotels in Sunderbans would also offer tourists the chance to enjoy the cruise trips. All the latest facilities are available in the cruiser vessels, which makes the tour of Sunderbans a memorable experience.

Experienced chefs in them prepare the most delicious varieties of local, Chinese, Thai and western cuisines. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can have several options in mouth-watering dishes to choose from. A good collection of fine liquors is also available for the ones who wish to enjoy some soothing drinks. Guests are also entertained during the evenings with some fabulous shows, which include folk songs and other cultural performances by the local artists.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunderbans National Park Has Some Unique Features

Sunderbans National Park is spread over a vast area, and also covers certain parts of Bangladesh. Most of the region is covered with islands comprising of dense forests. The wildlife of Sunderbans includes a sizeable population of Royal Bengal Tigers as well as a significant number of monkeys, spotted deer and wild pigs. Visitors to this national park would also find a good variety of birds, such as, kingfishers and white-bellied eagles. Sunderbans was honoured as a World Heritage Site in the year 1997 by UNESCO. Every year, plenty of tourists visit this region to witness its unique natural features and biodiversity.
wildlife of sundarbans
Other than the dense mangrove forests of Sunderbans, there are several attractions that visitors would come across while touring the region. Best way to explore the places to visit near Sunderbans is by booking a tour conducted with the help of private vessels available from Canning, located at a distance of about 29 kilometres from Godkhali Port. Among the interesting places are several watch towers located at different locations across Sunderbans. They offer a great opportunity for enjoying some excellent views of the park's natural surroundings to its visitors. Tourists would also like to explore Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park during their tour of this region.

Crocodile at sundarbans
People visiting Sunderbans National Park can find many exciting things to do while vacationing in this part of the world. Taking a walk around the village or going on a cycle trip to the local market would help them know more about life of locals. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant accommodation in any of the hotels or resorts in Sunderbans during their vacation. Some of the popular resorts in this region provide comfortable stays in rooms or tents with excellent facilities. Multi-cuisine restaurants, well-maintained swimming pools and kids play areas are some of the amenities that such resorts offer.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunderbans the land’s end in West Bengal

West Bengal tourism is bolstered with many interesting destinations and Sunderbans is one of the major attractions of the state. It preserves world's largest mangrove forest, delta and vast saline mud flats at the lower end of West Bengal. This is the land of fifty four tiny islands, interspersed with tributaries of the Ganges. The region which was once influenced by Portuguese pirates is now the abode of varied flora & fauna. Sunderban is neighbored by river Muriganga as well as rivers Harinbhahga and Raimangal. Other major rivers flowing through this eco-system are Saptamukhi, Thakurain Matla and Gosaba.

Unlike other wildlife parks, with roads, jeeps & guides here visitors will find themselves holding their breath as their boats are gliding through the creeks and rivulets, bordered with mangrove forests. These forests are sheltering precious natural wealth in the form of wild animals. This is a one of its kind region where there are no borders to divide apart from water and salt fields. There are many chances to spot a crocodile quietly waiting for her prey in the waters, or a deer running to save himself from the chase of predators. Royal Bengal Tiger is the real wealth of Sunderbans which is located half in Bangla Desh and fifty percent in India. If you are lucky then you can spot the king of the jungles from a few meters.

Sunderban is well known for its sundari trees which might be the reason why this region is named like this. These trees hold together the small islands of mud, on which they grow. It is abondoend with large variety of plants like genwa, dhundal, passur, garjan and kankra. Sunderbans has plenty of other natural wealth like Jungle cats, Fishing cats, Axis deer, Wild boar, Rhesus monkeys and Mongooses. Being a marsh land reptiles like crocodile, snakes and pythons are commonly seen here. If you are tired of visiting similar places then visit Sunderbans for a change, and book rooms at United-21 resort in Sunderbans where you can spend a memorable vacation.

Enjoy A Great Family Vacation In Sunderbans

In recent times, the timeshare concept is gaining popularity among thousands of professionals who wish to take a break from work to have a memorable holiday. Among the fabulous destinations for family holidays India offers for tourists, Sunderbans is a unique region characterized by lush green surroundings and an abundance of wild animals and birds. Most part of this mangrove forest is located in Bangladesh and the remaining portion is in India. It is also one of the largest reserves for the endangered Bengal tiger, and is densely covered with a large variety of plants and trees.
Sunderbans gets its name from 'Sundari' trees that are found in large numbers in this region. This one-of-a-kind estuarine forest is supported by rivers and lakes of the region. A tour of this amazing destination on earth can be enjoyed with a family vacation offered by timeshare holiday providers. Sunderbans is made up of many islands and some of them are inhabited by people who engage themselves in agricultural activities for a living. It was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in the year 1985. Sajnekhali, Netidopani, Sudhanyakhali and Dobanke are some of the interesting zones that people touring this mangrove forest can visit.
A timeshare membership that offers exciting holidays in this region would also arrange stays for members in one of the best resorts in Sunderbans that is well-equipped with all the modern facilities. Rooms in such resorts are generally furnished with eco-friendly materials and are designed to provide comfortable accommodations for guests. Location of these resorts provide the required convenience for guests in embarking on jungle safaris to the mangrove forest. Amenities in some of them also include indoor games and a swimming pool. A multi-cuisine restaurant in some of them offer delicious local dishes as well as other popular cuisines.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Enjoy Plethora of Amenities at United-21 Resort Sunderbans

Sunderbans in West Bengal is popular as the abode of the royal Bengal tigers, whose number is dwindling fast. Being one of the UNESCO world heritage sites tourists keep on arriving here throughout the year except rainy season, which is marked with heavy downpour. One of the major attractions of the region is the Sunderban National Park which is a complex enveloping a tiger reserve, a biosphere and a national park.
Deluxe Rooms of United-21 Resort, Sunderbans
At this incredible destination the most captivating experience is to travel in the marshlands by riding the slim traditional boats which can take you to the interiors. Here you might be able to watch a lone tiger travelling through the muddy waters amidst dense mangrove forests, which are supposed to be world’s largest. The delta with its splendid flora and fauna provides a once in a lifetime experience to the visitors. Sunderbans is a treasure of wild animals, reptiles and exclusive varieties of birds. There are many accommodations available at this mangrove destination. Even cruise launches provide lodging for the visitors, but United-21 resort Sunderbans provide one of the best facilities for tourists as well as nature lovers who arrive here for getting acquainted with the animal and plant life of this region. Resort amenities include indoor entertainment, a nicely designed swimming pool and lush green surroundings. An explicit variety of rooms and the hordes of room amenities provided in the resort make it one of the popular resorts in the region.

Luxury resort amenities include stay in the cozy tents and super deluxe rooms which are provided with top modern facilities, TV with satellite connections and many more. Splendid dining facilities include eating in a multi cuisine restaurant stuffed with local, Indian as well as Chinese cuisine. Pot full of amenities in resort distinguishes United-21 from rest of the accommodations available.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One of the Important Festivals Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year or Naba Barsha is the important event falling in the month of April normally on 14th or 15th, when the state welcomes approaching New Year and gets immersed in the exclusive celebrations. It is referred by the locals as Pohela Boishakh. If fortunately you are in this region during Bengali New Year then you will see people gracefully wishing “Shubo Nabo Barsho” to each other. Corresponding month for April in the lunar calendar is the month of Baisakh and Pohela Baisakh was first introduced by Akbar in historic period.
This festival is not only celebrated by the residents of Bengal but also by the tribal’s staying in the nearby hilly region. Like New Year celebrations in other parts of India here also celebrations start with cleaning and decorating the houses with flowers and drawing beautiful rangoli designs at the entrance. Unlike rangolis drawn in other parts of India using fascinating colors, in Bengal rangolis are drawn with the help of colored rice known as Alpana. A decorated earthen pot kept in the centre of this rangoli having a symbol of Swastika is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity in the coming New Year. These decorations create a homely atmosphere and offer a traditional look to the houses. There is a particular dress code for this celebrations in which women wear traditional red and white sarees, whereas men wear dhoti kurta. When they take part in the processions called Prabhat pheri it looks really enchanting. Some of the people take a dip in rivers in order to wash away their sins. People worship lord Ganesha as well as Goddess Laxmi for achieving long life and peace. New Year is important for the businessmen as well when they clear old dues and purchase new account books. In some places New Year is celebrated by arranging live dance performances and reciting New Year poems.
Hotels and Resorts in this region are beautifully decorated and illuminated during New Year, where many events and parties are arranged on this day. Sunderbans one of the splendid regions also celebrates Bengali New Year with pomp and fervor. Resorts in Sunderbans are beautifully decorated and many special events are arranged along with exclusive parties. If you are planning to visit Sunderbans National park then you opt for United-21 resort in Sunderbans where you can spend a memorable vacation amidst natural beauty.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exciting Places To Visit Near Sunderbans

The Sundarbans is a mangrove forest, which is one of its kind in the world and shared by India and Bangladesh. In India, it is located in the state of West Bengal, and is one of the reserved areas for the Bengal Tiger. 'Sunderban' literally means 'beautiful forest' in the Bengali language, but there is a general belief is that the name is associated with 'Sundari' trees. There are many places to visit near Sundarbans for tourists, including the Haliday Island and Lothian Island. It was accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1997.
Sundarbans tourist places
Small islands of mangrove forests, tidal waterways and mudflats intersect the Sundarbans, and an amazing network of waterways makes it possible to access almost every corner of the forest by boat. The places to visit in sundarbans are explored by many visitors every year. Among the popular places is the tiger reserve, which also happens to be one of the top ten tourist destinations for observing wildlife in India. People looking out for places to visit in sunderbans can also try Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, from where they can spot most of the tigers in this region. Also seen from the tower are the wild animals such as Axis Deer and Crocodiles. Among the other interesting places to see in sunderbans is Kanak, which has Olive Ridley Turtles that are found mostly in beaches and shallow waters.
Deer at Sunderbans
Over the past few years, a sizeable number of tourists coming from different parts of the world have visited the Sunderbans. Many resorts have come up in this region, owing to its rising popularity. Visiting the Sundarbans tourist places becomes easier with a stay in any of these resorts. The luxury resorts in sunderbans are well-equipped with all the modern amenities, designed to provide a memorable stay for their guests.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunderbans the Abode of Royal Bengal Tigers

If you are fade up with the hill stations, beach destinations, adventure destinations or pilgrim places and you are looking for something different or new, then Sunderbans is the right match for you. This is the unique place well known as the world’s only tidal halophytic mangrove forest and a UNESCO world Heritage site which is unevenly divided between India and Bangladesh. The major attraction of this heavenly place is the Sunderbans National Park with its largest reserve of Bengal Tigers. It is one of the renowned National parks in India.
Tourists visiting Sunderbans National Park get mesmerized with its identical beauty and its alluring location in a delta, largest of its kind in the world displaying a beautiful combination of green patches and dense cover of mangrove trees. This region declared as the tiger reserve nurtures largest population of the rare species royal Bengal Tigers. It covers a large area around four thousand sq. km in which nearly half portion is sublimed with river, creeks and canals whereas the park is a mesh of mudflats, tidal waterways and tiny islands. Apart from all this the region conceals a treasure of iconic flora and fauna and a rocketing number of two hundred fifty bird species in its huge expanse. This region being surrounded by water from all sides has high humidity and is blessed with heavy rainfall during monsoon season. Best time to visit this exotic destination is from December to February. Sunderbans can be approached by air from the nearest Netaji Subhash airport located at around one hundred twelve km. from where tourists can hire a motor launch from one of the terminals like Basanti, Canning and Gosaba. One can reach Sunderbans by rail and nearest railhead at Canning is located at just forty eight km from the park, from where you can travel by boat to the mainland. By road one has to travel to places like Sonakhali or Namkhana and then take a boat to the islands.

Explore this beautiful region by means of various tours and for making a halt at this destination you have lot of places dispersed on the mainland. One of the latest additions to the list of hotels and resort in sunderbans is United-21 resort which is the best place location wise, offering luxurious accommodations in the lap of nature. It is a great combination of hospitality combined with a long list of amenities and a comfortable venue to stay while visiting Sunderban national park in West Bengal.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Republic Day celebrations in West Bengal

West Bengal the eastern state of India is bordered by Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Assam. Having a great past and a prospective future this region is of strategic importance, at the same time sensitive due to its borders with many neighboring countries. It is well known for its indigenous cultural activities as well as its educational and cultural institutions hence many times referred as the cultural capital of India. This is a land of art, architecture, spirituality, poetry and a strong national feeling. Obviously events of national importance like republic day celebrations in West Bengal are observed with much devotion.
West Bengal was actively involved in the freedom struggle and it has given many popular freedom fighters like Subhash Chandra Bose, Chittaranjan Das, Khudi ram Bose and Rashbehari Bose. The freedom struggle achieved momentum from this state, which rapidly spread in the neighboring region. After independence this state was ruled by the leftists for many years and recently they loosed power to a newly formed political party. The state was facing threats earlier and even today it is facing many challenges. West Bengal has a great cultural past having deep roots in music, fine arts, literature, cinema and drama. One thing in common between these variations is the zest of celebrating incredible festivals throughout the year. Like the religious festivals national events like 26th January republic day are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. Comparatively this event in W Bengal can be listed as one of the vibrant republic day celebrations in India.

Kolkata the capital city becomes dynamic during Republic Day celebrations by arranging huge parades of armed forces, city police, and para-military forces at red road. Governor of the state unfurls the tricolor in a major function held at Indira Gandhi Sarani. This capital city which is the administrative head of the state organizes day long celebrations in which various awards like national bravery award are given. Tableaus specifying various incidents with the help of sceneries are the main attraction of the crowds. Sunderbans the world popular mangroves preserving unique wildlife of the marshes and a UNESCO world heritage site is one of the most favored destinations in W Bengal. Republic day in Sunderbans is celebrated energetically in its schools and other educational institutes.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to United-21 Resort Sunderbans

Sunderbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world with highest number of Bengal tigers in its tiger reserve. It is spread on a huge area and unevenly distributed boundaries between Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Declared as the UNESCO world heritage site the Sunderbans National Park, Biosphere and Tiger reserve are the stunning attractions of the Sunderbans delta. The delta is formed by the confluence of three rivers Padma, Meghna and Brahmaputra. United-21 Sunderban resort located in the 24 Parganas district offers a distinguished experience to stay amidst the huge mangrove forests and face a close encounter with world’s most handsome predator the Royal Bengal tiger. United-21 resort Sunderban is the right place to reveal wildlife of the region.

United-21 Resort Sunderbans
United-21 Resort Sunderbans
This best resort in Sunderbans can be reached by air, rail, road as well as by boat since it is located near the confluence of the rivers. Dumdum is the nearest International airport in Kolkata, which is just one hundred forty km from the resort. Canning the nearby railhead is at a distance of around fifty five km and by road you can approach from Godkhali, which is the nearest bus terminus. Two options open for traveling from Godkhali to the resort are first by boat which takes directly to the resort. Second option is to travel from Godkhali to Gosaba by boat and Gosaba to the resort by cycle rickshaws.

Prime attraction for tourists is to visit the Tiger reserve inside Sunderbans National park offering variety of landscapes including mudflats, islands and tidal waterways offering exclusive scenic views of the surroundings. The land adorned with explicit fauna and flora is rich with a great variety of mammals, reptiles and birds. This region experiences heavy rainfall and best time to visit Sunderbans is between December and February. Mangrove interpretation center at Sajnekhali, which is the gateway to resorts in Sunderbans can be visited for exploring the crocodile hatchery and the rare wildlife of the region. Place to visit in the vicinity of the resort are Piyali, Sajnekhali sanctuary, kanak and Netidhopani. United-21resort is one of the luxury resorts in Sunderbans region providing a unique luxury accommodation in the heart of the mangroves and a comfortable stay in the lap of nature. United-21 Resort Sunderban, can be contacted on the email id st@panoramicworld.biz