Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One of the Important Festivals Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year or Naba Barsha is the important event falling in the month of April normally on 14th or 15th, when the state welcomes approaching New Year and gets immersed in the exclusive celebrations. It is referred by the locals as Pohela Boishakh. If fortunately you are in this region during Bengali New Year then you will see people gracefully wishing “Shubo Nabo Barsho” to each other. Corresponding month for April in the lunar calendar is the month of Baisakh and Pohela Baisakh was first introduced by Akbar in historic period.
This festival is not only celebrated by the residents of Bengal but also by the tribal’s staying in the nearby hilly region. Like New Year celebrations in other parts of India here also celebrations start with cleaning and decorating the houses with flowers and drawing beautiful rangoli designs at the entrance. Unlike rangolis drawn in other parts of India using fascinating colors, in Bengal rangolis are drawn with the help of colored rice known as Alpana. A decorated earthen pot kept in the centre of this rangoli having a symbol of Swastika is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity in the coming New Year. These decorations create a homely atmosphere and offer a traditional look to the houses. There is a particular dress code for this celebrations in which women wear traditional red and white sarees, whereas men wear dhoti kurta. When they take part in the processions called Prabhat pheri it looks really enchanting. Some of the people take a dip in rivers in order to wash away their sins. People worship lord Ganesha as well as Goddess Laxmi for achieving long life and peace. New Year is important for the businessmen as well when they clear old dues and purchase new account books. In some places New Year is celebrated by arranging live dance performances and reciting New Year poems.
Hotels and Resorts in this region are beautifully decorated and illuminated during New Year, where many events and parties are arranged on this day. Sunderbans one of the splendid regions also celebrates Bengali New Year with pomp and fervor. Resorts in Sunderbans are beautifully decorated and many special events are arranged along with exclusive parties. If you are planning to visit Sunderbans National park then you opt for United-21 resort in Sunderbans where you can spend a memorable vacation amidst natural beauty.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exciting Places To Visit Near Sunderbans

The Sundarbans is a mangrove forest, which is one of its kind in the world and shared by India and Bangladesh. In India, it is located in the state of West Bengal, and is one of the reserved areas for the Bengal Tiger. 'Sunderban' literally means 'beautiful forest' in the Bengali language, but there is a general belief is that the name is associated with 'Sundari' trees. There are many places to visit near Sundarbans for tourists, including the Haliday Island and Lothian Island. It was accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1997.
Sundarbans tourist places
Small islands of mangrove forests, tidal waterways and mudflats intersect the Sundarbans, and an amazing network of waterways makes it possible to access almost every corner of the forest by boat. The places to visit in sundarbans are explored by many visitors every year. Among the popular places is the tiger reserve, which also happens to be one of the top ten tourist destinations for observing wildlife in India. People looking out for places to visit in sunderbans can also try Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, from where they can spot most of the tigers in this region. Also seen from the tower are the wild animals such as Axis Deer and Crocodiles. Among the other interesting places to see in sunderbans is Kanak, which has Olive Ridley Turtles that are found mostly in beaches and shallow waters.
Deer at Sunderbans
Over the past few years, a sizeable number of tourists coming from different parts of the world have visited the Sunderbans. Many resorts have come up in this region, owing to its rising popularity. Visiting the Sundarbans tourist places becomes easier with a stay in any of these resorts. The luxury resorts in sunderbans are well-equipped with all the modern amenities, designed to provide a memorable stay for their guests.