Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunderbans National Park Has Some Unique Features

Sunderbans National Park is spread over a vast area, and also covers certain parts of Bangladesh. Most of the region is covered with islands comprising of dense forests. The wildlife of Sunderbans includes a sizeable population of Royal Bengal Tigers as well as a significant number of monkeys, spotted deer and wild pigs. Visitors to this national park would also find a good variety of birds, such as, kingfishers and white-bellied eagles. Sunderbans was honoured as a World Heritage Site in the year 1997 by UNESCO. Every year, plenty of tourists visit this region to witness its unique natural features and biodiversity.
wildlife of sundarbans
Other than the dense mangrove forests of Sunderbans, there are several attractions that visitors would come across while touring the region. Best way to explore the places to visit near Sunderbans is by booking a tour conducted with the help of private vessels available from Canning, located at a distance of about 29 kilometres from Godkhali Port. Among the interesting places are several watch towers located at different locations across Sunderbans. They offer a great opportunity for enjoying some excellent views of the park's natural surroundings to its visitors. Tourists would also like to explore Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park during their tour of this region.

Crocodile at sundarbans
People visiting Sunderbans National Park can find many exciting things to do while vacationing in this part of the world. Taking a walk around the village or going on a cycle trip to the local market would help them know more about life of locals. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant accommodation in any of the hotels or resorts in Sunderbans during their vacation. Some of the popular resorts in this region provide comfortable stays in rooms or tents with excellent facilities. Multi-cuisine restaurants, well-maintained swimming pools and kids play areas are some of the amenities that such resorts offer.