Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tour Sunderbans with the Elegant Cruiser Vessels

Many leisure tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers long to explore the rich biodiversity of Sunderbans. It is the world's largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest, and home to some of the most unique species of flora and fauna. Of the 102 islands found in the region, about 54 are inhabited by humans. Owing to its abundance of natural wealth, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1985. Cruiser vessels are one of the best mediums to explore the diverse offerings of this mangrove forest.
Sunderbans national Park

A typical four-decked vessel comprises of the under deck, main deck, first deck, and sun deck. Crew accommodation, kitchen, laundry room, cold storage and other sections are housed in the under deck. The main deck and first deck comprised of tastefully designed luxury and deluxe cabins, bar, restaurant, massage parlour and gymnasium. Sun deck is the top portion of the cruiser vessel, used for various activities like nature viewing, star-gazing, and open-air conferences. Weekly sailings are conducted on such vessels for tourists, giving them an opportunity to explore the wildlife, villages, forests and other aspects of Sunderbans. A stay in one of the best hotels in Sunderbans would also offer tourists the chance to enjoy the cruise trips. All the latest facilities are available in the cruiser vessels, which makes the tour of Sunderbans a memorable experience.

Experienced chefs in them prepare the most delicious varieties of local, Chinese, Thai and western cuisines. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can have several options in mouth-watering dishes to choose from. A good collection of fine liquors is also available for the ones who wish to enjoy some soothing drinks. Guests are also entertained during the evenings with some fabulous shows, which include folk songs and other cultural performances by the local artists.