Friday, September 26, 2014

Activities that Interest Tourists of Sunderbans

There are some who describe Sunderbans as a beautiful mangrove forest, while a few others hail it as world's largest estuarine delta. Whatever one chooses to describe it as, Sunderbans is truly a unique place for travellers to explore. It offers vast expanses of untouched natural beauty and some really interesting activities to enjoy.
Sunderbans National Park
Most exciting of all activities is wildlife viewing, which gives visitors of Sunderbans the opportunity to watch a wide range of animal and bird species in action. Besides the Bengal tigers, they can catch a glimpse of many other animals while touring this region, such as, marine turtles, monkeys, dolphins and crocodiles. A cruise through the sparkling waters of Sunderbans is another great activity that tourists long to experience during their holiday in this part of India. Bird-watching can also be enjoyed in this region and avid bird-watchers would be delighted to find diverse species of birds during their trip to Sunderbans.

Indulging in these activities would offer loads of fun for tourists. What really adds magic to their tour of Sunderbans is a comfortable accommodation in the midst of natural surroundings. To make this possible, the Sunderbans Resorts provide stays in rooms or tents that have all the latest facilities in them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Heaven on Earth for Animal and Bird Lovers

A UNESCO World Heritage Side, the Sunderbans covers over 4264 square Km area. It is the largest National Park and Tiger reserve in India. A paradise for birdwatchers, it houses a plethora of rare specifies.

Following are the best season and time to visit this beautiful destination Best Season/Best Time to Visit:

Generally, the climatic conditions in Sunderbans are hot and pleasant during summers and winters respectively.  The best time to visit this national park is during September-March.

Winters: During November-February, one can experience chilly winds after sunset, but the atmosphere is mostly enjoyable and pleasant. The temperature dips down to 10°C and increases maximum up to 34°C. If you’re an animal lover and enjoy pleasant atmosphere, then you should not miss visiting Sunderbans during these months.

Summers: During March to May, you can experience some really hot and humid days. In rare cases, the temperature can soar up to 42°C. The March month is ideally suited for jungle activities as well as wildlife visits, but the April and May month have hot weather, so sightseeing and travelling becomes really difficult.

Monsoons: The month from June to September experience heavy rains. These months are not good for visiting the national park and sightseeing.  But, if you love flora, then you should definitely pay a visit to this beautiful location.
Book a room in one of the Sunderbans resort beforehand to make the trip an enjoyable experience. There are many luxury hotels in Sunderbans that offer rooms at reasonable rates, so lodging would never be an issue.