Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunderbans: Enticing Part of West Bengal Tourism

Sunderbans, around 115 km from Kolkata, is a unique destination stuffed with beautiful landscapes, islands and an area covered with thick mangrove forest. It takes not more than three hours to reach here.  You have to ferry your way to your respective hotel or resort. This will be the most enchanting part of your tour when you are passing by the rivers Gomar, Hogil and Durgaduni. Its an unique experience to travel along the rivers at the backdrop of beautiful scenery.

Bird at Sunderbans National Park
You can even visit nearby places like Museum, watchtower as well as the Mangrove interpretation centre in Sajnekhali, which is the gateway of the Sunderbans reserve. Mangrove interpretation centre has a turtle and crocodile hatchery which is the major attraction for the tourists. Watchtower meant for viewing the wildlife in the surrounding region is also one of the favourites among the visitors. There are many other watchtowers you can visit, which offer incredible views of the Tigers and other wild animals. One complete day is devoted for river cruise as well as birding in the nearby marshes. Tour of Sunderbans is the most enticing part of West Bengal tourism.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Enjoy a Day at Mudflats of Sunderbans

Sundarbans is a land of beautiful landscapes, romantic beaches, secluded islands and above all wide spread mangrove forests which conceal the precious wild life of the region. There is no other place in India where you can hear roaring Royal Bengal Tiger in his original semblance. There are many activities to be enjoyed here but forest safaris are the unique way of spotting animals as well as birds while cruising through the narrow creeks penetrating well in the mangrove forests.

Sunderbans Mudflats

Apart from the many means of entertainment and fun available at this beautiful tourist destination, mudflats are supposed to be the one of its kind places where one can enjoy a mud bath, walking and playing in the mud. Don’t forget to take a few snaps after getting coated with mud so that you can keep them as a memerior. Visit one of the popular mudflats at Chargheri Char where additionally you can find Sea anemone, Octopus and jelly fish. Above all you can even spot a few Horse shoe crabs in the winter, which are speciality of Chargheri. Overall you can say that mudflats are one of the excting attractions in Sunderban.